7 Ways to Say ‘No’ without Feeling Like a Jerk!



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So often when we want to help people and are good at getting things done, we can find ourselves chasing our tail, doing too many things and seeming to have no time for doing the things we actually want to do. But the prospect of ‘letting someone down’ or even our enjoyment of many of the extra tasks can mean that we keep going and going, rather than say ‘no’, because we think we’d feel bad. And because in the past we probably have, or have been left feeling like we should!

The thing is, you’re not a machine and your strength is finite. And, in order to be able to do the things that are MOST important to you, you may need to free up time from other, less important tasks. In this ebook, I show you some simple strategies to start being able to say ‘no’, without feeling like a jerk.

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7 Ways to Say ‘No’ Without Feeling Like a Jerk!

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