A Celebration of Failure!



Let’s have a celebration of FAILURE! What have you ‘failed’ at this week??

I know this is going to mess with some people’s heads, but honestly, you deep down know that failing is the route to success. As a child you learned to walk, eat with a knife and fork, write, play, draw, tie your shoelaces… EVERYTHING you can do now, you learned by failing at first. Which means that somewhere along the lines you LEARNED that failing means you are a failure. However, THIS IS NOT TRUE.

You are going to fail in this life, but that does not make YOU a failure. You can LEARN and grow while making spectacular mistakes, or you can sit on your butt and fail by default.

Which would you rather do?

Sit stagnant or attempt new things and know that even when you don’t get them right, you’re still learning and growing?

HINT: sitting stagnant and allowing fear of failure to prevent you from trying things is a sure-fire way to annihilate whatever confidence you possess.

Bizarrely perhaps, when you look at each failure as a step to growth, it is amazingly liberating. So come on! Let’s celebrate what you’ve tried this week! What have you tried and ‘failed’ at this week??

Honour your Efforts and Comment [positively 😉 ] about your ‘failed’ but valiant efforts below!