About being positive…

Being positive


Sometimes people fear being positive in case it ‘let’s them off the hook’ or it feels like they’re being too nice or soft on themselves. But honestly? Having come from a place personally where I drove myself to burn out and was BRUTAL to myself, I can hand on heart tell you, that it’s not. It’s about not being a jerk to yourself. You will gain more, faster, work harder and give of yourself with a joyful heart when you appreciate the good that exists, not only in your life, but within you.

Being positive is not just for the weak, nor is it the preserve of ‘serious’ competitors or strivers. Don’t believe those lies. YOU are worth seeing the good in.

 Being positive is about not being a jerk to yourself. 

SO WHAT you’re not perfect. You’re human. It goes with the territory. We ALL have things to work on.

Does that mean EVERYTHING about you is bad and only worth criticising? NO. Don’t flatter yourself.

There is GOOD stuff going on for you and once you bash the gremlin that whispers how you should focus only on what’s wrong, you’ll be able to see too that you really do have strengths. You really do have gifts and abilities, experiences to share and potential to realise.

And by the way… It is not arrogant to acknowledge what is already going right, it’s an empirically test-able statement of fact.

I double dog DARE you today to start looking for what is already going right, where you’re already making progress and where you have potential you’re growing into.

YOU are precious, loveable and unique, and I double dog dare you to look at yourself today as if you had worth because, guess what? You do.


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