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Dr Kathrine McAleese is a Sociologist, Systemic Psychotherapist,  Speaker, writer and Podcast host of The Feisty Life. You may know her from Mind to Win– the company she founded to help amateur competitive sportspeople increase their success and have more fun doing it, through her phenomenally effective online programmes and in-person seminars.

Dr. Kathrine grew up in N. Ireland during the ‘Troubles’, survived life in the world of musical theatre college, had a blast during a number of years at Bible College, and has spent much of her adult life moving across countries, learning and helping those coming up behind her.

Using her background, degrees, research and experience in Sociology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Theology, and Performing Arts, it was not surprising that, as clients would come back again and again to continue strengthening their competitive mindsets, they would also use the principles Kathrine teaches to improve other areas of life- including their fitness, diet, businesses, relationships, finances and more!

Now married to the love of her life and a spectacularly proud step-mum to two phenomenal young women, when not rabidly learning and helping her community grow into their best selves, Kathrine can be found reading, exploring her latest locale, learning French or absorbed in the Harry Potter world. Kathrine loves to travel and takes regular time outs at one or other of her favourite water’s edge bolt-holes, re-charging so she can continue to work with full-throttle passion!

Kathrine’s ‘life-changing’ online classes and seminars are highly in demand, serving clients worldwide. Now you too can take Kathrine’s classes and focus on whatever area of life you decide. YOU choose what you need most and find the class that best suits you!

‘I am committed to helping everyone I can to be their best version of themselves. NOW is your time to be who you were created to be, in all your glory!’ – Kathrine


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