Blog Takeover: Lisa’s Story So Far

The Mental Mastery Community is a monthly subscription membership and since it began in January 2017 has grown to be a super fun, supportive group- a true community who have each other’s backs and who are real about where they’re at, what they are working on, and go nuts over each others’ successes. So if you’d like a few more people in your corner, it is THE place to be as you develop your competitive skills and partnership.

In this blog I’ve handed over the reins to Lisa, who is one of our members from Scotland, so here, in her own words, is her Mind to Win story SO FAR…

1. A bit about your background / journey before we ‘met’

In 2013 we’d adopted an adult rescue dog, got him through obedience and then started with agility. Learning a whole new skillset at 33 was a challenge for me especially as I struggle with anxiety. I would go to shows and find it overwhelming or be embarrassed feeling I was letting my dog down. 

2. What were you struggling with

In agility I was wasting a lot of energy worrying about what people were thinking while I was running, was I getting it right, were they judging me which was taking my focus away from having fun with my dog. The whole reason I started agility! Outside of agility I was a chronic “yes person” with horrendous boundary issues, not that I realised that yet.

3. Why did you choose to work with me? (It was the kool aid, wasn’t it? pastedGraphic.png)

Of course it was the kool aid! No, seriously my best friend highly recommended you as an all-round good egg (her words!) and my trainer had been on Startline Confidence and suggested keeping an eye out for a Mind to Win workshop so when one came up near me I jumped at it.

That really sparked my interest and led to me luckily working with you on a one to one basis which was enormously beneficial across all aspects of my life.

4. What has changed for you?

There’s not much that hasn’t changed! I’ve got my perfectionism gremlin crate trained, built brilliant boundaries and it’s given me the confidence to take the leap and change my job of 14 years.


It’s been a brilliant journey. I have a completely different mindset and healthier approach to my mental game in all aspects of my life.

5. What’s one big aha moment you’ve had so far?

Progress not perfection. This is a journey, there’s always going to be something more to learn and uncover. Going on this road will always lead to progress.

It might not always be plain sailing, but you can always go back and revisit something or ask for help and advice if you find that gremlin sneaking out.

6. What would you say to someone who’s contemplating working on their mental game, but not sure if they should or afraid of what others will think of them if they do?

You do you! The community over on Mental Mastery is so supportive and you’ll be amazed at how working on your mental game changes your whole attitude to everything.



If you’d told me when I started working with you that I would still be having so much fun working on my mental game I’d have laughed.

It’s an investment in you and it’ll repay you a hundred times over in a thousand different ways.



– Thanks for sharing your story so far Lisa! We love having you in our community!




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