Confident Competing Workshop Series



If you want more connected runs and to grow your partnership with your fabulous dog…

If you want increased confident and satisfaction, and to feel proud of your efforts…

If you’re ready to level up and develop the skills you need in this crucial area of competing…

Confident Competing is for you.


Watch the replay of this live training below:



There is also a PDF to accompany Part 1. CLICK the link to download: ConfidentCompetingPDF1




Here is the PDF that accompanies Part 2: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD




Here is the PDF that accompanies Part 3: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD




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Please Note: These videos are only available for a few days and then they will disappear for good. Please watch them now and join the group to keep the discussion going!







3 thoughts on “Confident Competing Workshop Series

  1. So excited about part 3 tomorrow— I already have my notebook ready for class tomorrow night to write down my positives after each run— so already feel so confident?

  2. I have practiced the 3 positives and last March I received my CATCH and went to Nationals and got two qualifying runs. I am now working towards my CATE and I hope in a year I will continue to have some qualifying runs. I need to continue to do the mental work because gremlins can still enter my mind.I just got a nine week old puppy and I know it will be a fun journey with many challenges!!!

    • I love it Claudia! WELL DONE! You’ve made SUCH progress, I’m so dang proud of you 😀

      Thank you for sharing your journey too- it’s so encouraging for folks just starting out to hear what’s possible, so thank you for taking time to share your story… and umm I NEED to see photos of your puppy when you get a chance!! 😀 😀 <3

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