Credit Challenge!



Who do you ask to help you?

Whether it’s a trainer for your fitness, health, diet, a pastor, therapist, mindset coach, rehab physicians, financial mentor, parent or whomever else you ask for help, I challenge you to continue to give them credit.

Pay it forward. Tell them – and anyone else who’ll listen – WHY this person is worth listening to.

Do it publicly

Honour those people on your social media and lift them up. You have NO idea how your recommendation will help them, whether it boosts their business, *their* confidence, or even just makes you feel good because you did something nice for someone else!

We ALL need encouragement and feedback.

We ALL can use good recommendations for help for ourselves or others we care about.

So today I CHALLENGE you to shout out to those who have helped you, those who inspire you, those who have your back…

And if some little gremlin doesn’t want you to admit that you’re ‘human’ enough to need help in some area of life, then my lovely, you have not yet mastered it.

Admitting we need help is not weak, it is the preserve of the STRONG.

OWN your story and encourage those you learn from, I dare ya!

Show others how it’s done

By the way, I KNOW many of you are great at this already. But since I don’t think there can ever be too much kindness in the world, let’s keep striving to model this behaviour and give credit where it is due! As we get better at it, let’s show others how it’s done. It doesn’t cost us anything, because no matter how much help and advice someone has given us, ultimately we are the ones who have to put it into action, so our results remain ours! It’s just that we acknowledge that success is a team effort. 😉

Now let’s bring some more love and encouragement to this week!!

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