FAQ about Mind to Win ***Camp Badassery*** 2018!


What is Camp Badassery?

It’s a Mind to Win camp for agility handlers where we focus on the human end of the leash- your focus, confidence, how to have more fun, and anything else you need to start growing your confidence and translating your best work out of training and into competition.

Because of the nature of this unique type of camp, your dogs will have a really easy time! They merely come out occasionally to assist your learning! They will do very few runs over the 3 days. This camp is DIFFERENT, it is focused on what you need to take what you already know and actually DO IT in competition.

We do have the fabulous Megan Foster doing a couple of sessions on the technical side, but even here, I will be present and we will be very aware of where issues are actually related to the human end of the leash. So you’ll be getting clarity for ALL aspects of your partnership.


When is it?

Camp runs from Tuesday 31st July – Thursday 2nd August, 2018


Where is it?

It’s at the gorgeous Patch Agility in Comber, Co. Down, N. Ireland.

We’ll be running outside on grass- and working in the cabin classroom.


What’s Included?

  • 12 + hours training with Dr. Kathrine McAleese (Founder of Mind to Win & Mental Mastery, mentor to multiple world champions & world teams)
  • 2 technical training sessions with Megan Foster (Synergy Dog Sports, OMD Assistant trainer, Team USA competitor)
  • Free basic on-site camping for the duration of camp
  • Camp Badassery T shirt!
  • Camp workbook
  • Refreshments during the day


How much is it to attend?

Camp is ONLY £220 / US $297

You can secure your space at camp with just a £70 / US $90 deposit.

PLEASE NOTE: places are strictly limited, and once full, a wait list will operate.


How do I register?

Simply go to: Mind to Win Camp Badassery 2018



Everything that follows is intended to help you get here. However we can not take any responsibility for the accuracy of any of the information- please do your own homework and check details for yourself!


What else is going on around then?

Social tourist-y day: There will be a casual social day for those who want to join it on Monday 30th July, when we’ll be playing tourist around a little of N. Ireland. This is NOT part of camp and any costs will be on top of camp. You DO NOT have to do this- this is something I want to offer my friends who’re joining me for camp.

Kennel Club Show: There is a Kennel Club Show at The Patch (the same venue as camp) on the weekend AFTER camp (Sat 4th and Sun 5th August) Entries for this will be taken separately and a link will be shared when it becomes available.

If you have a dog from outside the UK, here are details for those wishing to compete with an international dog in UK Kennel Club shows: https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/media/551144/guidance_for_overseas_agility_competitors.pdf

This is intended for the KC International Agility Festival, but should also be helpful regarding this show if you want to participate.


Bringing a dog to the UK

If you’re bringing a dog into UK from outside, you should know that our regulations are pretty robust, and this is something you need to prepare for early. This is something you want to be really thorough about as there is no messing with it!

Note: N. Ireland is part of the UK, Republic of Ireland is not. This is relevant for where you intend to arrive. Here’s the UK government’s page about pet passports:



How to get to Camp


You can get a ferry from Cairnryan, Scotland (c. 2 hours), or Liverpool/Birkenhead in England (8 hours). Depending on route, you will arrive into Belfast which is c. 30 minutes from The Patch, or Larne, which is about 1 hour from The Patch.

These are UK routes, so if you’re already in UK, no pet passport is required.

If you come from Wales, via Dublin, in Republic of Ireland, you should have a pet passport.


If you’re flying in with a dog, you’ll be flying to Belfast International Airport, which is approximately 40 minutes’ drive from The Patch.

If you’re flying WITHOUT a dog, you may use Belfast City Airport, which is approximately 20 minutes’ drive from The Patch.

You may also fly into the Republic of Ireland.

Airlines and airports all have their own policies around dogs, so please check this out before you book.


Where to Stay

There are lots of hotels within a few miles of The Patch, if you don’t want to camp on site.

More details TBC



Find out more about N. Ireland

This is a gorgeous country and definitely worth a visit. Give yourself enough time to tour around a bit too. There is so much to see, so spoil yourself and take the time to really breathe in some of the best that this wee country has to offer!

These videos give just a little taste of what there is to see:



Any other questions? Post them below!





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