Living Feisty: Overcoming Adversity

adjective: feisty; comparative adjective: feistier; superlative adjective: feistiest
(of a person, typically one who is relatively small) lively, determined, and courageous.

– Oxford Dictionary


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it means to be feisty. This is my favourite definition so far.

I love how it doesn’t require someone to be a superhero. In fact, the hero of this ‘feisty’ story is actually required to be on the smaller side to fit the definition! Perhaps they are the one viewed as unlikely, or even insignificant, to observers.

Yet this person has grit, and bravery.

I am inclined to link OVERCOMING with FEISTY- the ‘feisty’ one has battles to fight that require their courage, and it is under stress or duress that this characteristic is shown in all its glory.


It seems to me, that without battles to overcome, courage would not be required, and the FEISTY would not arise.


I’ll continue to extrapolate this further over the next little while, but for now, let me say:

If life is requiring you to be Feisty right now, then arise you beloved creature, square your shoulders, lift your chin and KEEP GOING in all your Feisty glory! Keep going and honour your efforts and your bravery every time you step forward, one step towards overcoming, one step further from quitting.

Keep going my feisties!   


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