“Frankly my dear…”

“…I don’t give a damn.”

This could basically sum up why many of us have traditionally found achieving our goals to be so hard. Because…

…secretly, at some level, we don’t give a damn about them… or at least, we don’t give enough of a damn to do what it would take to achieve them.

Sometimes this happens because…

what we ACTUALLY want is different to what we think we’re supposed to want: i.e. we’re trying to achieve other people’s goals for us.

Other times, we may not even realise what we actually want to prioritise, so our goals get completely out of sync with what deep down matters to us, and we find it hard to achieve a goal that conflicts with what our deep-down priorities are.

Here’s a couple of examples of  mis-aligned goals

“I really should lose some weight…” (notice the should- not exactly bouncing off the walls with conviction when we say this, are we?!)

“My manager/trainer/coach keeps telling me how I should go for this promotion because I’m so capable, it’s made for me…” (THEY might think you capable, but are YOU up for it? Your ability is a side issue!)

“I got this GREAT opportunity but I’m so busy already…” (It might look like a great opportunity, but how do you decide?!)

How to Decide…

Answer this question, thinking about your whole life, everything in it or that you’d like to have in it. Take in everything that you are or hope to be, your values, legacy, etc.


* What matters most to you?

* Who/what do you care about most when all else is stripped away?

* Who/what do you want to prioritise above all else?

* If you had to give up all else, what are the non-negotiables you’d want to keep in your life?


What if I’m out of sync with what I ACTUALLY care about?

You may find that as you work through this, your life and your priorities, never mind your goals, are all out of sync. Don’t worry. You may never have been asked this question before, and may never have comprehensively thought through what matters to you most. This may also be why you’ve been struggling with achieving goals.

If your goals conflict with what matters most to you, you’re always going to struggle to achieve them, but as you set out what matters most to you, you can start setting goals that ‘fit’ your priorities and that will be easier to achieve because you’re not fighting yourself. Of course, you still need to make a plan to achieve them, but the good news is that doing this one exercise can revolutionise how you make decisions, what goals you set, and where your goal-setting takes you!

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