Giving Forgiveness

When we hold on to the hurtful or even the plain daft things people say to us, they fester. They hurt us. Holding on to them holds us back, while the person who said them may have been oblivious to their impact, or forgotten them and moved on.

We ALL say things that hit people’s sore spots from time to time, no matter how we try to always be kind and get it right. And similarly, we will have others’ words or actions from time to time hit one of *our* sensitive spots.

These are two very good reasons why we need to practice extending forgiveness to others:

  1. So we don’t let hurts fester and hold us back, and
  2. Because we too are human, and one day we’re going to need others to cut us some slack.


I understand that it can be hard, and when life is going through a rough patch, it can feel even tougher, but it is possible to learn strategies and methods for letting go of those hurts, so you can move on and up.

If you’re struggling today, hang in there. Be kind to yourself, you’re doing the best you know how and like every storm the weather throws at us, ‘this too shall pass’. Just hang in there and keep going!


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