Habits 101

I’m on a mission. I heard a great podcast recently, courtesy of Ed Troxell (Check it out Here: Yes to Entrepreneurship). On it, Ed’s guest was talking about how no-one tells you when you’re birthing a business that there’ll be maternity weight! OH MY GOODNESS did that hit home!

Increased ‘real estate’

To be clear, I know I’m dealing with a number of factors in my increased girth over the past while- and some are health related, I grant you. But the factor I’m focused on today, and that resonated so much with me in that simple comment, was that like Ed’s guest, I have been building a business that I LOVE… However, doing so has had me plonked firmly on my bum more than I would like. I have established a daily HABIT of sitting on my bum, working hard, but sitting on my bum A LOT.

And of course that hasn’t helped my cause to stay svelte and fit as I always was pre-PhD/new business.

So here we are. I have significant girth that I want to shift as I get fitter again and reclaim my body. What I’d reeeeeally like is a magic wand to fix it in one simple, painless moment.

Alas, just as my HABITS have helped me gain these bonus curves… or ripples… Ha! … so it is going to take time, effort, and consistency to  get where I want to go in exchanging soft waves for toned ones. Damn it. 

Where oh where is my magic wand?

Can you identify with me on this? Wouldn’t it be great if, in one big dramatic (and painless) moment, all our struggles disappeared, leaving us only with the gorgeous dream outcomes we want?

In part, we’re socially conditioned these days to expect things to come easily and to be immediate. We’re certainly primed in our consumer societies not to wait (fast food, express lanes, 24 hour news cycles etc.) and to expect things to require minimal effort from us (drive through coffee anyone?!)

We also live in a time where, rather than get our broken appliances fixed, or old clothes repaired, we simply get rid of them and buy new ones (with speedy delivery, of course). And let’s not dwell on the ramifications of this for relationships after the initial brain-drug high fades and the daily work of being in close proximity with another human sets in. That’s a topic for a whole other day.

This immediate gratification attitude, coupled with messages that ‘life is short, do what makes you happy’ (don’t even get me started on that one!) all prime us to be rubbish at hanging in there, at doing the things which are hard and take time.

Now before anyone goes off at me, I’m well aware this is not the full story. Grit, for one thing, can be learned and I help people learn those skills, so I am not denying that.

We are absorbed in cultures that teach us the myth that everything ‘should’ be simple, easy and make us ‘happy’, or that if it’s not, we should bin it and try something new. This can lead to developing  unhelpful habits. Those habits may in fact militate against us doing the small, step by step things that will actually get us where we want to go (which requires the aforementioned grit).

The sum of small actions

We might want to believe that it is big dramatic moments that make the difference, but it really isn’t. Research into countless successful people across many professions has shown that it is the sum of small actions that gets them where they want to go. I.e. their mundane daily habits. It is their continuance of these good habits, whether they feel like doing them or not, that makes the difference.

So as I embark on a mission to increase my fitness and reclaim my less voluptuous curves, I am aware that it is in the small, the seemingly-insignificant, the routine, that I will find my way back. Slowly, over time, with effort and consistency.

Watch this space.



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