How Long Has This Been Going On?

This article discusses frustration caused by overlooking one simple thing…

Patterns of Frustration

When things are going wrong, and it looks like a pattern is repeating, that is frustrating. Of course it is.

Working on your mindset doesn’t mean that magically everything suddenly resolves itself and those negative patterns miraculously stop.

They can, but more often you’ll have to put in time, effort and dedication to change your mindset, since, you’re changing your brain and what you might think of as the ‘defaults’ you currently have.

The Good News

YOU can change your mindset. Transform it in fact.

And when you change your mind, you are likely to change your life, because as you improve the quality of the thoughts that you spend time thinking about, you change the quality of solutions you come up with for your dilemmas.

Plus you’ll see different opportunities than you did when your thinking was stinking.

The Overlooked Issue

All too often I start work with someone, and within what feels like 5 minutes, a gremlin is beating them up, trying to tell them that it won’t work and that they’ve ‘tried’ this mindset stuff and it ‘doesn’t work’.


It does, but it’s going to require GROWTH and CHANGE.

The same brain that you’ve been using for stinking thinking is going to complain when you disrupt its carefully honed energy-saving systems, and ask it to create new ones.

So what FEELS like you’re not changing is just that you’re in the messy bit.

DO NOT QUIT when it gets messy!

Those gremlins that have had you self-sabotaging have HISTORY with you, and they’ll put up a fight before they adios.

Keep fighting.

Keep working on your new mindset and it WILL happen.

You’ve just got to give it time.

Don’t Miss This

It took you time to get where you are, so don’t be surprised if it takes time to get out of it.

Just like your physical strength is not going to be overhauled overnight without a miracle, so too, your mindset will heal and develop slowly and surely, as you continue to work on it.

If you’re not working on your mindset

Why not?

That’s a genuine question by the way!

I am passionate about personal development in all areas of life and I know from my own and my students’ experience just how transformative it can be, so if you don’t continue to work on your mindset, please comment and let me know why not, as I want to understand your perspective. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “How Long Has This Been Going On?

  1. It has taken quite a while for the ‘penny to drop’ to see with real clarity. In order start moving forward…..I have had to take a leap back…..but that has taken time…..

    • Kudos to you for having the guts to take the leap back, Briege- that takes courage… not to mention faith that the forward momentum WILL come. Nice one! I look forward to seeing what lies ahead for you 😉

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