A Little Out of your Comfort Zone

QUESTION: When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

It’s easy to stick with what feels easy or comfortable, but when we stretch ourselves or take that extra step, it’s amazing what is possible.

Your actions begin with the decision, in your mind. So where your mind goes, the rest of you will follow. This is why, when you get your MIND right, real change is not only possible but inevitable. Ever heard the adage ‘Change your mind, change your life‘? Well, it’s true.

The steps we make don’t have to be big, or painful, and actually I would argue they work better if they’re also FUN, but sometimes we fear that if we try, it’ll be oh so horrible and we’ll fail, and then all sorts of awful things will result (which we may or may not even be able to clearly describe!)

Yet, trying is how we grow. Sure we’ll screw up- ‪#‎human – and that’s how we learn, how we’ve ALWAYS learned. That’s how we got good at everything we are already good at.

I KNOW it can feel uncomfortable and it takes a little more mental – never mind physical- energy to do things we’re not so familiar with (yet), but the rewards of knowing that you were BRAVE in stepping out of your comfort zone and even contemplating that baby step forward, let alone taking it, are HUGE.

It’s not about whether you successfully make the step at the first attempt, or fall flat on your face. The point is that you made the effort, you started, and you’re one attempt closer to success.

Honour your efforts!

So my gentle encouragement to you today is to think about a baby step that you could take.

What is one small shift you could begin making in how you approach challenges, one tiny shift in your mindset that would result in different actions that take you in the direction you want to go? 

Think of one small thing that would take you a little out of your comfort zone, but still within view of it.

Now what would it take for you to make that step??

What would encourage you that it was a risk worth taking??

Answer below… I really want to hear: what would it take so you could make that first baby step out of your comfort zone?


16 thoughts on “A Little Out of your Comfort Zone

  1. I really needed this right now as I’m struggling with a plateau with my younger Bichon. He has really nice runs and does qualify quite a bit. However I feel we need to take the next step to challenge us more and so that I can tap into his potential that I know is there. He’s a great dog and I want to be the best partner I can for him. We are looking at training options to try and get what we need. It’s hard but I think we need to break out of our comfort zone.

    • Hey Kathy- I’m glad this came at a useful time for you. I hear you on the challenge to break out of the comfort zone- it feels so good and it’s nice to actually feel like there IS a comfortable zone eh? LOL, yet it can be cosy and sometimes seems to reward us for not trying new things or, dare I say it, risking failure. I want to applaud and cheerlead you for being willing to recognise, face and take on the challenge- GO GET ‘EM Kathy!! And if you need help getting your head around doing this, I’m happy to help 🙂 Did you see my recent piece on celebrating failure? I’ll post the link in case you missed it 🙂


  2. Hi – At this very difficult point in my life I must remember to take baby steps so that I can cope with all that is happening and be positive about a new life.

    • Hi Pam, absolutely. Be gentle with yourself and keep going- I’m rooting for you and will endeavour to keep producing encouraging content that will cheerlead you and others in their own hard places to keep going x

  3. I have a goal of qualifying for NADAC Nationals in 2017, so I am working with my dogs to increase the distance between us on course, and to learn how to do a brand new skill to us, XHoopers. I don’t have the space or exact equipment to do it…so I am improvising. It is fun, but daunting.

  4. Great timing. Good reminder that even the smallest steps will move me closer to my goals. Most important is the movement, not the size of the steps.

  5. Love reading your posts, Kathleen. I have a 5 yr old Sheltie and we do agility. Sadly, he has been on the sidelines for a total of 1 1/2 years due to two different psoas injuries. I see my friends progressing forward at rapid rates while I seem to always be starting over. Baby Steps! Yes indeed. And I LOVE your shirt slogan of Progress not Perfection. Just might be on my Christmas list!

    • Hey Carol- I’m sorry your sheltie’s been out injured, that’s rotten :-/ I’m glad you love the shirt too! 😀 It’s my favourite- I am now living in the hoodie version for the winter LOL – Kathrine x

  6. I’ve always told myself not to expect success and then I won’t be disappointed. That’s safe, that’s self preservation. Then I can be pleasantly surprised when I succeed, like a Christmas present. It’s a win/win right? I mean come on, going into something confident and expecting to win or succeed and then not winning, not succeeding what a horrible feeling right? Then I start doing this “mind to win” stuff and I’m oh so good at faking it, oh yeah, mind to win then when I don’t win I’m ok cause I never really believed it. Boy! My gremlins are so damn good huh!! My baby step is to begin to REALLY believe I am good enough, I can do it. Really believe it not just say it, call myself out on “lip service”. It’s a baby step, it’s a good step in a pink ballerina slipper ?

    • Chris- I so admire your honesty, and I know you’re far from alone in this- easier to not hope than feel hopes dashed, eh? Especially if hope can only be for the perfect outcome? I swear I grew up with this Disney view of how things should work out and it was so perfect that anything else was a failure- and yet, real life is just not like that! It was a HUGE kicker for me to even contemplate being ok with ‘good enough’ and I was petrified that it would make me lazy or lose my desire to be the best, but in reality it’s been quite the opposite. I’m WAY more productive and I’m even MORE hungry for excellence, because it doesn’t come with a side of crushing-feelings-of-unworthiness-and-ineptitude! As we ‘honour our efforts’ it really does get easier to believe in our ability, because we begin to SEE it for ourselves, in all it’s wondrous and flawed glory. And it feels so much lighter… truly like a pink ballerina slipper 🙂 I’m with you every pas de bourrée, grand jêté and tombée along the way 😉

  7. Kathrine, been missing you!!!
    Trust – baby steps, before the big leap! So many areas of my life. The big leap is always needed it seems! Either trust or not? No baby steps…. maybe with my dog it can be …..? But then maybe not? There I CAN start with baby steps! Am I making any sense? Just thinking on paper!
    What Chris says is so true? Put on the pink ballerina slipper and dance! Trust one step in front of the other?
    The one thing I DO know is God IS in control and that He CAN be trusted!
    I look forward to hearing more dear Kathrine!

    • Amen Barbara! Couldn’t agree more! And thank you for your kind words 🙂 I know I’m quiet just now but I promise there is good reason and all will be revealed in 2017, God willing 😉 Watch this space and keep taking those baby steps!

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