Looking With The Eyes Of Faith

walk by faith

It’s easy to get consumed with what we see, what seems ‘real’, rather than acting in faith. It’s a great recipe for staying in your comfort zone, that’s for sure. ?


But when it comes to living out the vision that God has placed on your heart, blimey that requires a different pair of specs.


Walking By Faith… one wild ride


??I lived this when I moved to USA to go to grad school. I won’t try and give you the whole story here, but let’s just say there was a lot of winging it! There was definitely a lot of prayer, and God showed off in crazy wild ways, providing for me as I studied and interned.

?I KNOW it can sound crazy to choose faith over what you can see in front of you. I GET that you may doubt your own sanity. Especially as everyone around you is questioning the rationality of what you’re doing! Been there, done that, got the onesie.

?I ALSO know that it’s not the easiest path. Yet when you’re where God wants you, doing what you were put on this planet to do, it is AMAZING. It is a wild ride, but there is nothing like it.

Look Through The Eyes Of Faith

If you have something burning at your heart and you’ve been listing all the reasons why it’s not the ‘sensible’ or ‘realistic’ thing to do, might I invite you to take a look through the eyes of faith? Consider whether the limitations of what you can see right now are the full story, or just the part of the story you can see now

? I know in my life, often what I see with my eyes are a thousand different reasons I should FEAR, a million different ways I’m likely to make an idiot of myself!!

❤️ I ALSO know that when that burning insistent passion inside me is let loose and I go ‘ok God, let’s do this’ , it is a whole different picture. The circumstances may not change immediately, but my ATTITUDE does, and the POSSIBILITIES and ACTIONS I take do.


Is This Your Cue?

?Maybe you’re already living your wild adventure in faith, but maybe you’ve been holding back. This is your cue to stop holding back… To unleash your dreams, dust off that vision and get after it, in faith. X


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