Mindset Makes The Difference

Mindset Makes the Difference

When we expect we have a holiday coming up we look forward to it, we anticipate it and we prepare for it before it actually arrives.

We can use this same ability as we anticipate achievements in other areas of life.

We wouldn’t imagine a dream holiday and then spend the months running up to it focused on…

everything that could go wrong or

all the reasons we won’t actually get there

…yet how often do we do this with our goals? We spend so much time worrying about not achieving them or the myriad ways we could fail, instead of anticipating and preparing for arriving at them.

It’s like going to book a holiday then deciding not to go because you don’t think you deserve it or you’re worried what other people will think of you.

That would be crazy, right?

In the same way let’s decide, you and me, right now, that we’re going to choose our destination and do everything we can to plan and prepare for it, to anticipate it and to blooming well get there!!

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