Selective memory-making

If your life were a photo album, what pictures are you collecting?

Imagine that your life was like a photo album… for you young ‘uns, imagine back in the old days when photographs were printed out and put in a book 😉

Now imagine that you have easy access to a camera and are going to create an album that you will enjoy going back through, recalling the events shown in the pictures, and the stories that accompany them.

…Now think of how you pay attention with your mind to your day. Are you taking ‘snapshots’ of the good things? Saving those so they can be savoured later?

OR has a gremlin got your mind taking pictures and saving memories of the things that don’t go right. The things you wish had turned out differently, the things you wish you could change?

What we focus on, talk about, and think about is what we commit to memory. And those things we focus on we will get more of.

So if your mental ‘camera’ is focused on taking pictures and recording the things you DON’T like and DON’T want more of, that isn’t going to take you in the direction of things you DO want. And it’s not going to leave you room in your mental ‘album’ for the mental pictures you actually would want to replay.

So today’s challenge is:

  1. Pay attention to where you’re taking mental ‘snapshots’- are they of things you want to relive or recreate later? If not, switch direction!
  2. Actively work on taking in and savouring the details of the good things in your day. Try to sharpen your focus so you see more of the vivid wonderful details and blur out any imperfections. Create mental photos you’ll enjoy looking back on.
  3. Share this with someone you know needs to read it. We can all get off track from time to time, so encourage a friend now and share this with them.

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Here’s to savouring the best things that we encounter in this life and to making great memories!