Show Notes


Here you’ll find all the show notes for past episodes of The Feisty Life. Simply click on the title of the episode you want to know more about.

This is the home for all the links mentioned and ‘translations’ of any of the quirky phrases used!


TFL009: Catch The View, Not Just The Vision

TFL008: Is It Selfish To Put Myself First?

TFL 007: ‘Who Am I?’ Identity, Relationships and the Learned Labels That May Be Stressing You Out and Causing Conflict or Bitterness (Part 2)

TFL006: ‘Who Am I?’ (Part 1)

TFL 005: ‘Are You Still Here?!’

TFL004: What Do I Have to Say That Anyone Would Want to Listen To?

TFL003: The ‘What About Me?’ Phase

TFL002: What Does a Feisty Life Look Like?

TFL001: Introduction & Welcome to The Feisty Life