Quitting because you FAILED?

Heads’ Up: You have more potential and possibilities than your self-doubt and fear want you to see.

Maybe you’ve failed before and that little voice is telling you that you’ll never succeed, that you should accept that you’re just not ‘one of those’ people who can be successful…

…I say: You’ve failed? GOOD. You got off your butt and tried. You’re ahead of the curve. What did you learn? How will you tweak your efforts in future?


Maybe you’ve been taught some unhelpful messages from society- whether because of your gender, the colour of your skin, where you were born…

…I say: You are not inferior because of the colour of your skin, your gender, your geography, your sexuality or any other dang label. You are precious, loveable and unique and whatever your circumstance, I’m willing to bet there are others who have overcome more to achieve their dreams. They’re not superhuman, they’re like you, so if they can do it, you can do. You just might need a little training, and hello, we ALL need help and support to achieve our dreams.

Maybe it’s people around you who would be more comfortable if your dreams weren’t so audacious, but that’s their issue, not yours!

…I say: It’s ok if people don’t understand you. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong. They don’t know your life, your passions and the potential you have yet to put to work, so they don’t have all the facts the way you do!

Maybe you’re just so aware of your personal weaknesses that you can’t imagine overcoming them- for example, a lot of people tell me they don’t have the time to go after what they want, but when I dig a little deeper, there’s usually somewhere where I can help them carve out some time to get to work on the fun stuff they really want to spend time on.

…I say: Skills are learnable, if you’re willing to be teach-able. Work out where your weaknesses are, and get help to overcome them. There is NO shame in learning, and if pride is trying to tell you that you ‘should’ have this stuff sorted by now, IGNORE it, you’re human, we’re never going to know everything and while we have breath in our bodies we can change things.

I believe there is more to you than what has gone before. But my opinion is worthless if you don’t believe in yourself! YOU have to dare to believe in yourself enough to try, to know that the failures are learning for the future, and that you are worth fighting for.

It is my privilege to help you, and I’m right now building a community┬áso we can get to work in a bold new way, and I hope you’ll join me in achieving your goals and changing your life like the clients who’ve gone before you and who I am daily inspired by!

Have a great day and let’s kick some self-doubt and fear to the curb!