Real Confidence



Do you struggle with the idea of ‘confidence’? Maybe what you’ve been told is ‘confidence’ looks like cockiness… or bluffing, maybe even aggression, as someone selfishly bulldozes others’ feelings or experience… Maybe it seems like an empty word as some claim to have it then melt like a chocolate teapot when the pressure rises… But that’s not real confidence. At least, it’s not the solid grounding *I’m* talking about.

To me, true ‘confidence’ is not about saying empty words or having delusions about yourself. You also don’t need to put others down to be confident (actually, if you’re that good, you can afford to be nice!). This confidence will stand the test of pressure- smaller perhaps at first, but growing as you use it & work at it.

True confidence is about knowing that you’ve done what you could to prepare, and knowing what you’re now going to put into practice. And fearing neither failure, nor success, because your worth is not limited to what happens in the process, whether that’s a fitness goal, competing in a sport, starting a new business…

Whatever area of life we’re talking about, you can learn to be confident- in a meaningful way that can actually change your life.

Real confidence that has substance is possible & liberating and is not just for a super-breed of human. Anyone can take steps to grow genuine confidence, so they can step up and give their best when it matters.

You’ve maybe heard the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ & I like that. But frankly I want to go beyond being happy with you merely ‘faking it’ when I know I can help you go further and ‘make it!’

Bottom line: YOU can develop confidence that is real, that helps you step up & give your best in competition. But it requires effort on your part. And the great news about that is that it’s up to you! You control it! And as and when you need my help, I’m here to help you learn and grow. It is my honour to serve clients from not-competing-yet to world level & it would be my pleasure to help you, whether via an online class, in-person seminar or workshop or through the free articles on my website.

YOU can grow in confidence, so let’s get started!


As you were probably taught growing up, ‘if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing!’… and that applies to YOURSELF too! So one of my top ways to start building confidence is to stop tearing yourself down. If you have nothing nice to say to or about yourself, turn off the flow and keep your mouth shut.

This means you will have to hear what you ACTUALLY say to yourself, which may not be what you think! This subtle saboteur can be switched off as we listen to ourselves and learn to replace defeatist, mean words with kinder ones that speak of our potential.

TODAY- resolve to ONLY speak kind and helpful things to and about yourself. This might require some mental weight lifting, but that’s ok, your mental muscle will start growing and it will get easier.

Let me know- what are you learning as you practice this exercise??



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