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Keynote Topics:



Lessons from a ‘War’ Zone: Confidence Under Fire

I was being coached last year and my coach described Northern Ireland as having been a ‘war’ zone. I resisted that with all my might. It was a conflict, not a war, wasn’t it?

When you grow up in the midst of a conflict, there are a few things you learn about resilience and survival. As a-political a reflection as I can make it, this talk covers identity, vulnerability, resilience and how social norms with a dose of humour thrown in for good measure!

Your audience will:

  • Be inspired to take control of their lives
  • Clarify which social ‘norms’ may be holding them back
  • Identify where their confidence has been damaged by lies, and learn how to leave those lies behind
  • Get a fresh sense of hidden strengths they possess
  • Establish a stronger sense of their personal identity


Competing with Confidence

You don’t leave ‘you’ at home when you go to compete, so whatever insecurities you have in everyday life may also be showing up in your weekend sports. Let’s bash those mental gremlins and help you to compete with confidence!

Designed for amateur sportspeople, this keynote will get your audience fired up to compete and become a bigger bolder version of you!

Your audience will:

  • Identify the ‘gremlins’ sabotaging their success
  • Learn vital tools to ‘bash’ those gremlins
  • Be inspired to set new goals
  • Unlock existing strengths and harness them in competition
  • Be empowered to transform how they compete


Between the Bedroom and the Bible

What do Christians do with their sexual urges before they marry? How does society and Christian subculture influence behaviour and self-identity for practicing Christians?

Based on Dr. Kathrine’s ground-breaking research into the physical relationships of professing Christians prior to marriage, this lively and non-judgmental talk offers insights that stretch far beyond the community she studied.

Your audience will:

  • Leave with a broader understanding of what a rich sex life can look like
  • Gain insight into how social expectations can show up between the sheets
  • Stir up a desire to set a higher bar for relationships than simply a ‘no sex outside marriage’ statement
  • Better understand the eroticism in delayed gratification…


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