Technical and Mindset skills

If you went to 1 day of training in the skills of your chosen sport, or did 1 x 1 month course for it, would you think you should have it all sussed?
I’m guessing not!
And it is NO different when you’re working on your mindset. You, my lovely, take TIME to change. And it takes work. You’re learning new habits, new skills, and sometimes you’re undoing mental crap (technical term) that has built up over YEARS!
Here’s the really good news: just like technical training, YOU CAN LEARN. You are not stuck in a fixed state and you can learn.
Also like learning technical skills, you can have AHA moments where the light suddenly comes on, and you never look back.
At other times though, it can feel like you’ll ‘never’ get the hang of something, yet if you keep learning, keep working on different approaches to it, different ways to remember it, you can get there. Or you’ll find another way round it.
Just as technical training is an ongoing process, so is improving your mindset! It takes you to KEEP working on it to sustain your gains, and pay attention to the small improvements you’re making as you go along.
You may not be where you want to be, but if you’ve started working to improve your mindset, then you’re not where you were.
Stay focused on each incremental improvement you’re making, because as you work, you ARE changing, you ARE loosening the grip of old ‘gremlins’ – even where it’s not fully bearing fruit for you just yet. Keep going, keep reinforcing your behaviour, and keep your chin up.
Know the destination you’re aiming for, but in the day to day, focus on the journey and doing what it asks of you. As you do that, the destination will become closer.
* If you’ve had a great weekend, GREAT! And hey, if I’ve helped you be part of that, tell your friends- you’re bound to know someone who could benefit just as you have done.
* If you’re struggling, take heart. What feels like failures DO NOT define you, your worth, or say anything permanent about your team. They’re just what happened on that occasion, and you’ve got training data from it.
* Keep practicing what you’ve been learning. When was the last time you went back through your notes? Last watched the DVD / class videos? Last reached out in group for encouragement or accountability?
* If you know you need help with your mental game, reach out. I’m happy to help you. I’ve been there and it sucks. But it can also change. Mindset is a skill, like technical skills, and ANYONE can learn it.
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