Testimonial: Team Canada Agility Competitor Ann Carrington

Ann has competed for Canada at WAO, IFCS and FCI world championships and won her place on both FCI and EO squads for the 2015 competitions. I have had the pleasure of working with Ann since before her first WAO and through our collaboration and her sheer hard work and determination, she is a different person and in the process of making her biggest dreams come true. After winning her place in these most recent squads, Ann sent me this testimonial to share with you:


Gremlins and Other Voices in My Head


Nerves are your permission to excel! This is one of the ways you are teaching me to deal with competition nerves and build up confidence. Using those flutters of fear to focus and be confident in the moment with my amazing little Jazz is really helping me to find that quiet place where our runs seem to be in slow motion and we are a team. Kathrine, you are an insightful and empathetic guide in how to deal with those voices and gremlins in my mind that want to give me excuses to not perform at my best mentally.


Thank you for helping me to find the way through those challenges, so that I can achieve my dreams, one task and goal at a time. Each time I walk to the line with Jazz, I am grateful for that moment with her; I square my shoulders, pull down my shirt, and say to her, “let’s go do it!” This is something I couldn’t have achieved not long ago, and it is your coaching and faith in me that is helping me continue to reach new levels of trust in my dog and myself as well as confidence.

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