Here are just a few recent testimonials…

I am honoured by the people I get to work with, and what I get a front row seat to help them with… what they do from there, well that’s to their credit and I LOVE it! I’m so proud of you guys when you own your learning and go after your dreams full throttle!

If their stories inspire you, get in touch and let’s start getting you going in the direction of your goals!

“After working with other coaches, I declared myself “uncoachable” because I
found the process so frustrating. Dr. Kathrine is amazing. Rather than
asking questions endlessly, she offers real-world strategies on how to take
action in a variety of situations. She effortlessly explains the science
behind her recommendations. She tells stories that ring true, including from
her own life. And, she is so funny. If you want to feel at home while also
doing the sometimes-scary work of becoming a better version of yourself,
start with Dr. Kathrine.”

– Bestselling author & dog sports competitor, Roxanne Hawn


Marcy’s Story:


Re: Choose to Change Course on Habits…

Thanks to Kats wonderful advice about making the habit so small and easy that over achieving was regularly possible, I was able to break down what I wanted to do into manageable pieces.

I’ve been wanting to run with the dogs in the mornings. So, I started with just setting my alarm for twenty minutes earlier. That was the only requirement for the first two weeks. Just get out of bed twenty minutes earlier and waste more time on Facebook or tea or whatever. Once that was going well, I added, leave the house. And, we’ve been walking in the mornings for about three weeks now. No distance or time requirements. Depends on the day.

Going to keep this going for a few more weeks and then think about stepping up from walking to running. But, again, focusing on very small steps. Maybe run for two blocks at the end of the walk for the first week and extend from there. I’ve been wanting to change my routine for a couple of years, but doing too much at once was inhibiting me from doing anything at all.

– Carla, USA





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