The Feisty Life Episode 2: What Does a ‘Feisty Life’ Look Like?



Is living a Feisty Life only something for the rich and famous? Can the rest of us be Feisty or is there a benchmark for when we qualify to say we’re living a Feisty Life?

In this episode, we’re looking at some of the overlooked ways that ANYONE can live a Feisty Life… it just might not look as you imagined it would. Listen now, and don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button to get all the upcoming episodes as they release and learn more about living your purpose and letting loose your Feisty!


Links to Items Mentioned in This Episode

Choose to Change course for Changing Habits



Dr. Kat’s Colloquialisms 

Every now and again I’ll come out with a word or phrase that may be alien to you. So I’m going to provide a helpful little guide to the weird and wonderful verbiage you may hear me use. Some are ones that my mind conjured, others are classics in N. Ireland or the wider UK. I love language, so I hope you’ll enjoy the occasional bit of fun I have with it.

Word/phrase used                                     Rough Translation

Chuffed to Bits                                            Very happy, pleased, delighted


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