The Feisty Life Episode 4: ‘What Do I Have To Say That Anyone Would Want to Hear?’


In this episode we’re talking about finding the expertise you’ve overlooked and what to do if you feel more ‘flat’ than ‘Feisty’!


It isn’t fun to believe that we have nothing of value to say. Well, what if that very thought is a lie. What if the things you’ve already overcome could help someone else? What if that doubting voice between your ears is a liar and actually, you could be just the person to make a difference in someone else’s life? That’s what this episode is all about.


Kat’s Colloquialisms

Phrase                                                         Meaning

More power to your elbow                         Good luck to you / Every blessing / An affirming way to acknowledge what you’re doing

Squat Diddly                                                  A cousin of Diddly Squat, this simply means ‘nothing’





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