That is a LIE!

‘That’s just the way I am’  is a lie. Who you’ve been before, and who you are now are NOT the end of the story. Whether it’s fear, pride or shame trying to hold you back, don’t buy into their lies. There is more to you, there is untapped potential, and it is up to YOU to find it and release it!

And the really good news? While you have breath in your body, YOU. CAN. CHANGE.

You may need help (HINT: you’re human, we all do), but change is a possibility for you, if you want it. You are NOT hopeless, you are NOT an accident, nor a heaping great pile of failures. We ALL experience fear and doubt when we try to go bigger and change, but we don’t have to let them stop us! You’re not a freak for feeling those things, no matter what that inner critic would like you to believe.

No matter what others or your own gremlins have told you, YOU have potential. We get this one life and there is SO much that we can do and achieve in it as we dare to grow beyond the crowd and push ourselves to be all that we can be, to use every talent God gave us, and to live as fully as we can.

But no matter how much potential is in you, at some point, you’ll have to face down fear, doubt, insecurity, criticism and all those other festering impostors who would have you exist, rather than LIVE. They would love you to retreat into believing ‘that’s just the way I am.’


I don’t know about you, but I’m determined to kick their stinking butts back to where they came from and make my wild and crazy goals come true. I’m on a mission and a large part of that involves helping other people, whether that’s my family, my clients, or those I can support financially because of the work I do. Living a small life, is NOT an option.

We don’t get a repeat on today and we’re not guaranteed tomorrow, so I for one am determined to grab this day and show it who’s boss! I hope you’ll join me 🙂

Who’s with me?!!

Give me an I’M IN below if you’re grabbing life and determined to get fear and doubt out of your way so you can achieve your goals!


To take your first strides forward from self-limiting labels, I recommend Let it Go: On & Up course  Get it by clicking the link and you can start making changes TODAY!




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  1. I’m ALL IN! I owe you so much more than a thank you for helping me and so many other people!

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