Untapped Potential in You


Too many people don’t believe they are ‘worth’ believing in. They’ve been put down by others and/or experienced failures, disappointments and rejections and they just don’t feel precious.

And that shows up in training and competition.

But ‘they’ aren’t the only ones allowed to have an opinion. What about YOUR opinion? What do YOU know is in you, even if others can’t/won’t see it? What intrinsic worth do you know you have? Maybe that’s too strong- what intrinsic worth would you like to believe you have, beyond what others see?

What talents, gifts, life experiences etc. do you offer that others don’t have? Because I firmly believe that each of us has intrinsic worth and attributes to benefit those around us. I don’t care who you are or where you’ve been, I believe there is hope for you, and I dare you to explore what might change for you if you too grabbed hold of that sense of worth and purpose for yourself- regardless of what any doubters or even haters think.

Something changes when we know we have worth– we become worth investing in ourselves. We’ll put more effort into our training and preparation. We’ll make different training choices. We are less afraid to rest or take a weekend off, because we know our health is worth taking care of. We’ll set boundaries with negative people so we don’t let them taint us with their toxic attitudes. We believe more, have energy to keep going, and achieve more, seemingly with less exertion.

You. Are. Precious. You are you unique and you have WORTH. You are worth investing in yourself and I believe there is untapped potential in you.

Question: How would today be different if you treated yourself like someone really worthwhile?

People may have told you ‘what you’d become’, but they don’t know you like YOU know you. Use that unseen potential & aim HIGHER! Go Big!


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