What Do People Think of You?

Remember, other people’s opinion of you is none of your business. People are going to think what they want about you anyway, so you may as well let them get on with it. Instead of worrying about what they may- or may not- be thinking, get to work focusing on what you can control and what you need to do.

You’ll have enough time to work yourself into a stress-ball (if you want) when you know for sure what nonsense people believe about you, without creating stories in your head! My favourite line when that stupid mindset gremlin tries to make me worry about that people *might* be thinking bad things about me? ‘Don’t flatter yourself’. They’re probably thinking about something else entirely and I’m not actually even on their radar. Or maybe they swallowed a wasp.

Yes it can be hard, absolutely, I didn’t say it was easy, but honestly, we could drive ourselves absolutely nuts if we just let our mental gremlins focus us on the bad that may *OR MAY NOT* be being thought or said about us. And how about the GOOD they might be thinking/saying if they are actually aware of us at all? What about that?

So here it is, YOU get on with being you: fabulous, unique, and full of as-yet unlived potential!

Have a great day!



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