What No-One Ever Told You About Becoming a Dog Trainer!

Do you remember why you became a dog trainer?

I’m guessing, at least in part, it’s because you love dogs and have learned some really cool things to help them live well with humans and perhaps develop skills for a specific activity or sport?

When you imagined dog training as a part-time or full time occupation, am I also right in thinking that you were focused on how much you could help the dog and determined to do the best for each dog that showed up in front of you?

Yet that’s not the end of the story.

What no-one ever told you…

Training dogs and people can be the most rewarding thing in the world- the highs are amazing, they really are. But what no-one tells you before you start training is that it can be REALLY tough too.

  • No-one warns you that you’ll be dealing with people who may get really stressed and emotional when things aren’t going well.
  • They don’t warn you that in the middle of your beautifully prepared lesson, someone may have a complete flip out on you- or even at you- and it’ll come out of left field and take a ton of time and energy … or even be so outrageous that it’s just darn awkward… I mean, you never signed up to be a therapist for pity’s sake!!
  • They don’t warn you about how trainees become friends and how tricky that dynamic can be to navigate, particularly when the trainee expects privileges as a ‘friend’ that feel like they’re pushing you beyond what is fair.

As amazing as watching new partnerships develop is, and as exciting as seeing students’ progress is, there are just some things that you may not have been prepared for when you decided to begin training/coaching others.

That’s where Dog Trainer Sanity Saver is designed to help you.

Great Trainers Care

I work with many great trainers who really really care about their students’ success. Maybe that sounds familiar?

You care a LOT and you can see what the dog is capable of. You can see where they don’t understand what is being asked of them, or where what’s being asked is inconsistent and confusing for the dog.

You maybe even see where the dog is being criticised or even blamed for being naughty/bad/determined to drive their human mad…. and YOU can see that it’s really not the case.

And that can be super frustrating.

Even more so when you know darn well that the owner is not practicing any of the carefully thought out homework you’ve set them and so next week is going to be what one of my folks called a ‘Groundhog class’ where you’re going to feel like a broken record trying to get the owner to really hear and apply what you’re saying.

So there you are waking at 3am worrying about this dog and thinking of how you can help them, whilst their owner leaves your class and apparently immediately forgets everything you’ve been saying for the past hour…


If you’re reading this and recognising this pattern, you’re not alone. And if you’ve ‘stopped caring’ and shut down your feelings because it hurt too much to keep caring, you’re also not alone.

And if you’re a trainer who brought in a guest trainer who was lauded as a genius because they said EXACTLY THE SAME FREAKING THINGS as you’ve been saying for the past YEAR…. then you are DEFINITELY not alone!!

What if you could get the owners to take a more pro-active role and do the homework- even ENJOY it?

And what if you could enjoy the human side of the partnership even as much as you do the dog?

What if you could increase your skills in managing your students’ expectations so they have more patience and put less pressure on themselves and their dogs?

These are NOT pipe dreams.

This is precisely how the ‘Sanity Saver’ programme has come into being.

I’ve been helping trainers with these sorts of issues for YEARS now, and I’ve had numerous requests for a programme for trainers that would provide a safe space to work through some of the growing edges trainers see in themselves but don’t necessarily want to talk about in front of their students.

It’s coming soon!

It’s going to be released for a very small group in a BETA form so we can refine it together and see just how much it can help you lower your stress levels and enjoy the owners as much as the dogs.

This Dog Trainer Sanity Saver is going to help you:

  • Increase student engagement so they do the homework!
  • Help your students set realistic expectations
  • Give your students skills to deal with set-backs
  • Avoid frustration yourself when progress is slow (or students don’t do their homework…)
  • Offer ways to prevent becoming burnout by demands on your time/energy
  • Strategies for protecting your own motivation to train and compete plus different perspectives on how to approach these as a trainer

We’re going to do that through:

  • Extensive coaching and mentoring directly from me
  • 6 modules of short, to the point video lessons
  • Interactive surveys
  • Weekly group discussion topics
  • Bonuses determined by BETA member request
  • Scientifically based, tried and tested methods
  • Practical exercises
  • And more…

Who Dog Trainer Sanity Saver is NOT for

It’s a high level training and certainly not for everyone. It is NOT for anyone who thinks they’re perfect or who doesn’t actually care about the human end of the leash. If you’re already a legend in your own bath-time, this won’t be a good fit for you!

It’s also not for anyone who is not ready to invest in themselves. YOU are your most important resource, and if personal development is not something you’re ready or willing to invest in, then this is not the programme for you- even at this vastly reduced BETA pricing.

Who Dog Trainer Sanity Saver IS for

It WILL be a good fit for any dog trainer keen to develop their self-care, skills for helping manage their students’ expectations, helping their students be more resilient, reduce the interpersonal issues they have to deal with, and more.

I will be highly present and engaged in the learning process and you will have access to get your personal questions answered throughout the week in our private dedicated Facebook group.

I am only accepting a very small number into this BETA so that I can get opinions and feedback with everyone as we work together. In recognition that BETAs are the un-polished version of the course, along side all the content, there is also a hefty discounted BETA Pricing that will never be offered again.

To get early notification and make sure you can secure a seat in this programme, please fill out the form by clicking the link below*:



What if I can’t afford it?

What would it be worth to know to have strategies to set boundaries that prevented some of your current issues from arising in future?

What would it be worth to you to feel as confident and in control with the owners as you do with the dogs?

Way more than the cost of this programme, I’m willing to bet.

There will be a way to split payments, and it will never be this cheap again. Yes it’s an investment, because it’s high contact with me and you are paying to have someone bring years of experience and PhD education on board to train you. Of course that will cost more than someone spouting ideas they read 5 minutes ago in a book!

Even at that, the value is going to be 10X what it will be priced upon release to the wider public. The group support alone is going to be invaluable, not to mention being able to work intensively for 6 weeks with like-minded people and develop future networks. You have NO idea where this could lead.

What if I don’t have time?

If you know there is room for improvement in how your students apply what your teaching them, or their expectations are draining, or their attitude when things go wrong is frustrating to you… those are all things that are sapping your energy.

What could you set aside for 6 weeks in order to step back and tweak things so that going forward you have fewer drains on your energy?

What if this 6 weeks would bring benefits to your training from here on out? Would you be able to find something to temporarily put on hold so that you could benefit from this?

What if I’m only a part-time trainer?

You want to invest in yourself? GREAT! The principles you’ll learn are applicable not just to dog training, but to any job/hobby/contact where you are going to be interacting with humans. If you are ready to engage in the process and learn, then I’m happy to help you get even better at that, no matter how many hours you currently spend training people and their dogs.

Here’s that link again to be one of the first on the list:


Sign up now, it’s coming REALLY soon!!

( * If you are one of those who completed the recent survey for trainers AND left your details there, then you are already on the list! If in doubt, fill it out again and we’ll make sure you don’t miss out!)