When it’s HARD for you…

Every now and again I post something and someone tells me it’s hard. Hard to be positive, hard to hope, hard to work. And yes, yes it can be. I didn’t say it would be easy. BUT let’s examine this for a second.

Is it really THAT easy to stay stuck? To choose not to change (because it IS a choice!)? To KNOW that you’re not helping yourself, or worse, HURTING yourself? To know that others are putting in the work that you don’t? How’s that serving you?

I know for some of you, your self-esteem is in the toilet and you don’t like where you’re at. And that is neither a fun nor easy place to be.


When I cheerlead you to rise up and be more, it’s not just some fluffy thing I say on here to make me feel better! NO. It is a battle cry, a gut-wrenching yell from the bottom of my heart that YOU ARE WORTH IT and damn if I’m not going to try to call out the LIES you’ve been told and the limiting labels you’ve had applied to you.


ENOUGH. It can be hard to change, I get that, I know it from my own experience never mind that of my clients. But it is WORTH it. And YOU are worth it.


And I will keep focused on drawing that to your attention, until you feel you can make the changes you want to.


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4 thoughts on “When it’s HARD for you…

  1. Thank you dear Kathrine, I do choose to get unstuck! With your help and by God’s grace I will get through! So glad to be here! Thank you for constant reminders! Love you too!

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