Your Own Script

There’s a traditional social script that tells people they ‘should’… grow up, go to university, get married, have children, work in a job that bores them moderately or that they hate, drudge through their weeks waiting for the next holiday, retire and THEN whatever is left, they get to enjoy…

Maybe the social script you’ve been taught is more along the lines of ‘girls don’t do that…’ or ‘people like you (your age/ background / education / past) can’t do that…’


Well I call BS on that. On those limited social scripts. They are FAR too constrictive and prescriptive to fully encompass the myriad ways we can encounter and explore this one life, our abilities, dreams, ideas and relationships!

Live Larger

There is a whole big world out there and I don’t know about you, but I have gifts and abilities that work more than when/how someone tells me they work, in a stuffy office from 9-5 somewhere.

I DO NOT want to wish away my days waiting for Friday and dreaming of something better, some day, assuming I make it to a retire-able age (whatever the heck one of those is these days).

I DO want to be able to be there for my loved ones, to spend quality time with them, to travel, to see parts of this incredible world, to be able to give to charities and help make it a better place… to LIVE.


And you know what? I’m convinced that ALL of us have talents and abilities that we can leverage to move in that direction. With the internet, we have opportunities that generations before us never had. We can work from anywhere in the world we can get wifi, and with a side of discipline and a heap of determination, why the dickens should we settle for a social script time-lining us from cradle to grave?!

We get one life and we were not put here to make up the numbers!

YOU are uniquely talented and have a unique combination of experiences, strengths and- yes- weaknesses, for a reason!

Why should we not at least TRY to write our own script if we want to?

Even if it’s a sideline to what we do to pay the bills? Who’s to say that learning a few financial tweaks couldn’t free up more money? What if giving up one hour of our shows/day could be used to start a whole new sideline doing something we actually love?

Why should we accept that people like X (insert limitation) can’t do ‘THAT’?

How do doubters know the future better than us, that they don’t want us to go after our dreams and at least know that we gave it our best shot? Who’s to say that it won’t actually be us who succeeds, and makes the difference or creates a whole new paradigm in our sphere?

WHY NOT YOU? Why not me? Seriously.

ENOUGH with learned limitations and dragging the past around to beat our future up with. ENOUGH.

It’s time we took hold of the ‘pen’ and each wrote our own damn script.

Who’s with me?? Comment below!

* What parts of the ‘script’ you’ve been given do you want to rebel against and re-write?

* And how can I help you do that?